Confessions of a detached person

I shut off every now and then. When I talk to many people at the same time, I feel overwhelmed. I can only keep a conversation going with one or two persons at a time. So if it goes beyond that, I shut off and disappear. That's why I keep people at a distance as they … Continue reading Confessions of a detached person

We’re all suffering our own battles.

As kids, we grew up believing in fairy tales. That we're all secret princesses or princes waiting for our happily ever after. Well, that was how it was with me. I remember waiting for the moment my fairy godmother would pop out of nowhere, tell me I'm a princess of some far away kingdom and take … Continue reading We’re all suffering our own battles.

To my future love, let me love myself first.

I’ve been in a few relationships. They have all ended. I got all my closures. When I look back, I realize how much I’ve changed, And how much of myself I've lost. I grew more insecure. I lost the confidence I have in myself. My self-esteem crashed. I stopped doing the things that I love, … Continue reading To my future love, let me love myself first.