Confessions of a detached person

I shut off every now and then.¬†When I talk to many people at the same time, I feel overwhelmed. I can only keep a conversation going with one or two persons at a time. So if it goes beyond that, I shut off and disappear. That's why I keep people at a distance as they … Continue reading Confessions of a detached person

Can we go back?

Can we go back to the time.. when we didn't have any issues waking up as early as 5 for school on a Monday morning with our parents' cooking ready on the table? when we didn't even notice the year pass by because we had so many extra co-curricular activities and responsibilities and we weren't … Continue reading Can we go back?

To my friends going through a difficult time

  No matter how many times you go back to the past, it will never change. This difficult time is temporary. Nothing in this world is permanent. Whatever you're going through right now won't last. It may seem like you're facing endless problems in your life, but trust me, it will never be for long. … Continue reading To my friends going through a difficult time

Five lessons I’ve learned from past relationships

1. People are not possessions. Yes, both of you made a promise to be committed to each other, or to date exclusively, but it doesn't mean that you own your partner. Let them go out with their friends or have hobbies that don't include you. Don't try to access all their social media accounts, and … Continue reading Five lessons I’ve learned from past relationships