Confessions of a detached person

  • I shut off every now and then. When I talk to many people at the same time, I feel overwhelmed. I can only keep a conversation going with one or two persons at a time. So if it goes beyond that, I shut off and disappear. That’s why I keep people at a distance as they don’t understand this and try to take it personally.
  • I’m not emotionless. I’m just not keen with openly sharing my emotions unless asked. And if someone does try to share their emotions with me, I wouldn’t know how to react so I’ll either divert the conversation or answer with sarcasm/jokes.
  • I am open-minded, too much for my own good. Thus, I’m not easily offended. I usually expect others to do the same for me, which is not always the case.
  • I’m not being cold. I try to see all sides of a situation. I accept the good and bad. So if you open up to me about something someone has done to you, I’ll usually answer with “Ohhs” and “Ahhs” and “Maybe because…”. Don’t expect me to immediately side with you.
  • I never assume. The human mind is complex and changes all the time. So if you’re angry at me or if you like me, I’ll never know unless you explicitly tell me. I’ll notice all the signs, or the change of tone, but I’ll think it will be about something else.
  • I crave alone times. I always want to recharge on my own. Silence is my fuel. So when I’m reading a book, going on a long drive, hiking, and what not, I’m recharging. Don’t get offended if I want to do most of it alone.
  • I am indecisive. I can be passionate about something today and change my mind tomorrow. My mind never stops thinking and it constantly changes opinions about everything. I always challenge my principles and usually does the opposite due to curiosity.

Being my friend can be challenging because I am distant. I will talk to you for days on end then would just stop and disappear. Don’t take it personally. I always come back. Most of the time, it’s just me. 🌱

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