Things I wish my country, the Philippines, has


Having lived in a first world country for four years now, the thought “Unta naa pud ani sa Pinas” (Sana may ganito din ang Pinas) never really left my mind. There are so many things I wish for my dear country that would make it a better place.

If only I wasn’t ambitious enough, I wouldn’t have left my country and just stayed close to my family, friends and career.

1. Higher wages

Specifically for nurses, teachers, builders/carpenters, etc. These are the jobs that make a huge difference in our daily living. In first world countries, nurses are one of the highest paid jobs as they look after human life. It’s sad to know that some of the nurses in the Philippines only gets 2000 php a fortnight. I hope our country would know the importance of these jobs and many others and pay them accordingly.

2. Disciplined drivers, better roads, better driving test

Can’t deny it, our roads have too many undisciplined drivers. Drivers always cutting off the line, not using indicators, and using the honk more than necessary. Our roads weren’t built for long term scalability, thus, suffering from sudden congestion in cities and longer traffic jams. We don’t even have a driving test to get a driver’s license. A better and stricter driving license requirements would mean more disciplined drivers on the road that may help ease up traffic.

3. Separate rubbish bins for general waste and recycling for each household

Having separate bins for each household may not be feasible in the Philippine setting, but maybe at least huge skip bins for each barangay. Everyone will be required to separate general waste from recycling and the barangay leader needs to arrange collection weekly and put it in the huge skip bins for CENRO/DENR to collect. These would help the environment and there will be many uses for the recyclable materials.

4. National parks with accessible foot paths

The Philippines has so many beautiful wonders but not all are easily accessible, not all are well-maintained. Australia has protected national parks all over their country and it’s the best way to relax and unwind. Their government makes it accessible for the public, most of them free of charge, are great for kids, and some are wheelchair-accessible. These then encourages the people to go out more often and enjoy nature. Their beaches are also open to public, free-of-charge with showers and tables provided. How wonderful it would be to spend a day outside surrounded by nature and not shopping malls?

5. The freedom to wear anything you want

I would love to live in a country where you will not be judged by the clothes you wear. We are so conscious about anything we wear that sometimes we end up not wearing it because we’re so worried about what other people might think. We can be labeled as ‘Jejemon‘, ‘Hypebeast‘, or ‘Pasosyal‘. We’ll wear crop tops and be make fun of. Heck, it’s a tropical country, let people wear what they want, they don’t judge you when you wear your cardigan in 33-degree weather, right?

Hay. Still so many things I wish for my country. It’s not fun having to leave everyone behind just to seek greener pastures. I’ll come back for you. I still love you, Pinas!

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