Why I love my mother


Aside from the fact that she carried me for nine whole months, whom needs to have her stomach turned as I was a breech baby, she will always be the person who will never turn her back against me.

I haven’t been the best daughter to my mother. I’ve never invited her to watch any of my dance competitions when I was younger. I’ve answered back most of the time when she reprimands me for going home late until she gave up.


But she was always there throughout all my phases.

You see, my mother thinks she isn’t perfect. Sometimes, she looks down on herself. She thinks that just because she wasn’t able to go to college then she gets embarrassed when trying new things.


But she is and will always be the best mother in the world. No bias. *wink

She’s will always be the one who tries to sneak into school, who would let me see her leave but would secretly come back just to watch me dance.

She will always be the one who will support me in everything I want to do, even it costs her their savings because I can’t decide on what to do with my life.


She will always be the one who will selflessly provide for her family just so we wouldn’t experience what she experienced when she was younger.

She will always be one of the strongest people I know, who will carry her own problems because she doesn’t want to worry the people around her.

But she will also be that person who will confide in her husband and children because she knows we are there for her as much as she is there for us.


She will always be that person who thinks ahead and wants to provide all of us the best present and future possible.

My friends would always tell me how they like my mom and how they wish they could have a mom like her, and I just usually pass it off.

And now, I see what they meant..


She is one of the most generous and caring person I’ve met. (The other one is my father. šŸ™‚ )

She loves the people I love as much as I love them, sometimes even more.

And I will always be proud to be her daughter.


I love you, Ma. Thank you for always having our backs no matter what.

You deserve all the love in the world and we’ll do our best to provide you and Papa, the best life possible.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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