Reasons why a girl needs a guy best friend (or why every girl needs an ‘Aris Dequit’ in their lives)

Warning: Appreciation post!

I’ve met my guy best friend in 2010. I was in my sophomore year in college and he was already working. (Yup, he’s old.) We’ve been in the same dance crew since then. He just used to be someone I look up to because of his passion for dancing. Never have I imagined that he will be the realest guy best friend I’ll ever have.

So here are my five reasons why girls need a guy best friend:

Photo 25-11-17, 3 35 55 pm

  1. He will be your biggest supporter and critic

You’ll be each other’s biggest fans. He’ll always believe in your talent/s even when you doubt it yourself. He’ll keep reminding why you should be proud of yourself. (Because he, himself, is also proud of all your accomplishments. No jealousy whatsoever!) And when you go over the line, he’ll be there to keep you grounded.

Photo 25-11-17, 3 37 28 pm

  1. He will accept you for who you are

No dramas! He’ll see your weird and annoying side, call you out for every bad decision you make, see how a wreck you can be — but will still be your best friend.

Photo 25-11-17, 3 32 45 pm

  1. He will be more forgiving and less judgmental

In my experience, men tend to be more forgiving than women. He will not hold any grudges and would even sometimes forget why you fought in the first place. You’ll be able to disagree on something and not fight. You’ll talk it out like grown-ups.

Photo 25-11-17, 3 38 08 pm

  1. He will be brutally, unapologetically honest with you

He will not be afraid to tell you the truth. His compliments will be as genuine as his insults. You wouldn’t have to worry if he’s lying. If you do share your problems with him, he’ll tell it as it is. He’ll give you good advice from a guy’s perspective and wouldn’t give you any false hopes.

Photo 25-11-17, 3 32 28 pm

  1. Lastly, he’ll love you unconditionally no matter how much you mess up your life. He’ll be there through every success and failure. And will always be one of the firsts who’ll cheer you on or help you get back up.


So if you’re lucky enough to have a guy best friend, don’t forget to thank him today!



To Aris:

You’ve always believed in me and I to you. Thank you for being one of my constants! I love you, Pinakalab!


For Davao residents:

Aris Dequit  is one of Davao’s top dance choreographers, coach and production director. He’s a member of Fusion, Bandila Fusion and Groove Unlimited Dance Community. For choreography bookings, contact Aris Dequit in Facebook or at +639056613744.

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