Confessions of a detached person

I shut off every now and then. When I talk to many people at the same time, I feel overwhelmed. I can only keep a conversation going with one or two persons at a time. So if it goes beyond that, I shut off and disappear. That's why I keep people at a distance as they … Continue reading Confessions of a detached person

To the sister I never had

How long has it been? 8 years? 10 years? I can’t exactly remember how we met. I can’t remember how we introduced ourselves to each other, but it doesn’t really matter, does it? All I can remember is how creative your group messages were and how you always have the signature ‘Life sux‘ hahahahaha love … Continue reading To the sister I never had

Things I wish my country, the Philippines, has

  Having lived in a first world country for four years now, the thought "Unta naa pud ani sa Pinas" (Sana may ganito din ang Pinas) never really left my mind. There are so many things I wish for my dear country that would make it a better place. If only I wasn't ambitious enough, … Continue reading Things I wish my country, the Philippines, has

Can we go back?

Can we go back to the time.. when we didn't have any issues waking up as early as 5 for school on a Monday morning with our parents' cooking ready on the table? when we didn't even notice the year pass by because we had so many extra co-curricular activities and responsibilities and we weren't … Continue reading Can we go back?